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Thursday, May 24, 2018


2018 Eglinton Summer League


€10,000 Guaranteed

€12,500 Estimated


League started Sunday April 29th, finishes Friday September 14th


Players get bonus chips and are eligible to win League points when they pay €5 at registration in Freezeout tournaments and at the add-on time in Rebuys.


The Top 10 finishers in the League will win cash prizes as follows:

1st. 7.5%

2nd. 4.5%

3rd. 3%

4th. 2.25%

5th. 1.75%

6th. 1.5%

7th. 1.25%

8th. 1.25%

9th. 1%

10th. 1%


The remaining 75% of the League fund will make up the prizepool in the League Final Freeroll which takes place on Saturday Dec.16th. The top 50 finishers in the League qualify to play in the League Final.

Players that do not pay the extra €5 League money are not eligible to win League points




New Tournament Schedule


€10,000 Gtd First Friday TEN Grander every month


Sunday: Sunday Freezeout €40+€10

Monday: MegaStack €50+€10 Freezeout

Tuesday: Omaha Rebuy €10+€10 Entry, €10 Rebuys

Wednesday: €2,000 Gtd Deepstack €65+€10 Freezeout

Thursday: Thursday Rebuy €10+€10 Entry, €10 Rebuys

Friday: MegaStack €45+€10 Freezeout

Saturday: Saturday Omaha €45+€10 Treble Chance


First Friday TEN Grander


€10,000 Guaranteed



First Friday of Every Month 7pm


€130+€20 Entry

(+€5 optional League)

20000 Stack

(+3000 optional League)

30 Minute Blinds

Late Entry and Re-entry(€130+€10) for 5 levels (Approx 10pm)

{Re-entry stack is 23000}

Buffet Dinner provided (9pm)




Vinny Gavin





  • Win three tournaments out of seven to claim jackpot
  • Some tournaments such as major festival events and freerolls do not count for Trio Jackpot, in these cases a player's opportunity to win the Jackpot will include only counting events
  • In order to count towards a Trio Jackpot all wins must be outright wins with no deals made that adjust the prizepool. Players may split prizes if they wish, but then this tournament will not count as a Trio tournament. This is a new rule as of June 28th 2017 and has been brought in after consultation between management and players.
  • Jackpot rises €15 every night it is not won, this €15 is taken from the prizepool
  • Once the Jackpot reaches €3,000, it will rise by only €10 per night with the additional €5 being set aside to start the next Jackpot


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